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Die...Retry...and die again in this frantic arcade runner!

Publisher Meridian 4
136 MB

Game Description

So you think you’re hardcore? You think you can handle an I’d-rather-rip-my-eyes-out-of-my-sockets challenge with one hand behind your back and enough caffeine to kill a bull? Prove it!

Here’s AFTERGRINDER – a punishing arcade runner for the speed freaks and masochists among us. Pick a character, pick a level … and get ready to die. Unless you can survive 90 rage-inducing levels in 3 unforgiving worlds, that is.

-  Test your skills in 90 fast-paced levels
-  Race through environments rightside up or upside down – whatever keeps you alive the longest
-  Explore 3 different worlds, each with its own twists and turns
-  Choose between 3 playable characters: The Dude (easy), the Lady (normal), and the Shark (hard)
-  Enjoy heart-thumping techno tracks as you die, retry … and die again!

Download size: 136 MB

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