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Ice Cream Doctor - Prep the ingredients! (not rated)  12/20/2014

Extreme Billiards 2 - Shoot balls in the chain and make groups of 3 or more!    12/19/2014

Sticky Jump - Jump between the walls, eat flies, and dodge toxic bubbles! (not rated)  12/19/2014

Flappy Rush - If you love Flappy Bird, you'll love this!    12/18/2014

Crystal Sokoban - Can you solve these classic puzzles?    12/17/2014

Police Emergency - Drive around town and stop crime! (not rated)  12/17/2014

Terrorists Shootout - Find the terrorist walking with civilians! (not rated)  12/16/2014

Ancient Rome Mahjong - Discover ancient Rome through mahjong! (not rated)  12/15/2014

Tram Driving Frenzy - Can you safely pick up and drop off passengers?    12/15/2014

Eat and Gulp - You are a dog who is waiting for his meal!    12/14/2014

Hidden Cuckoos - How good is your bird's eye? (not rated)  12/13/2014

Illegal Drive: City on Fire - Your illegal driving is taken to a whole new level! (not rated)  12/12/2014

Super Mechs - Build, Fight, Prevail!    11/22/2014

Battle Dawn Galaxies - Build your way to ruling the galaxy!    11/21/2014

Crazy Chicken Tales - Prepare for the wildest ride of your life!    11/20/2014

Questerium: Sinister Trinity - Save the children and the city! (not rated)  11/19/2014

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty - Eternal beauty has a price! (not rated)  11/6/2014

Rescue Team 4 - Join the Rescue Team today!    11/5/2014

Fall of the New Age - Uncover the conspiracy of the Cult! (not rated)  10/20/2014

Weird Park: The Final Show - End Mr. Dudley's reign of terror!    10/19/2014

Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine - Help Taryn solve this murder!    10/18/2014

The Other Side: Tower of Souls - Which sister is good, and which is evil? (not rated)  10/17/2014

Northern Tale 4 - Help get rid of this new evil! (not rated)  10/16/2014

Black Bit Ninja 2 - Shoot the same color balls to make it dissapear. You got 10 different levels to clear. Use strategy to complete each level. Have Fun !    10/15/2014

Firefighters Emergency - Ride your bike in Snow path and ice mountains balancing your wheels. Ice Rider got the task to complete levels while scoring more points with each level. Enjoy your Fun ice Ride !    10/8/2014

Hex Match - Connect 3 or more of the same hexes! (not rated)  10/8/2014

Angel of Freedom - Slide your angel to rescue all the trapped animals and avoid hitting any weapon! (not rated)  10/7/2014

Circus Freaks Showdown - Avoid circus obstacles to win! (not rated)  10/6/2014

Fruit Flip Mahjong - Flip the fruits! (not rated)  10/6/2014

Stunt Moto Mouse 3 - Help the biker mouse! (not rated)  10/5/2014

First Date Dress Up - Everyone wants to look perfect on their first date—why not get some practice in?    10/4/2014

Nancy Autumn Dress Up - Help Nancy sort through her wardrobe to get ready for fall! (not rated)  10/3/2014

All Styles Dress Up - Choose from all styles!    10/1/2014

Adventure Story - Explore the world of Adventure Story while battling swarms of enemies and massive bosses, collecting new equipment, and learning magic spells! (not rated)  9/30/2014

Rebuild 2 - Reclaim the city from zombies!    9/29/2014

Superfighters - Shoot, stab, mash, and smash!    9/29/2014

Clicker Heroes - Kill monsters, collect gold, upgrade heroes, use skills, find treasure, kill bosses, and explore new worlds in this epic adventure!    9/28/2014

Frantic Frigates - Destroy enemy ships in this action-packed game! (not rated)  9/27/2014

Blob's Story 2 - Blob is back and he's looking for love! (not rated)  9/26/2014

Red Remover BLAST - Remove the red shapes in this explosive sequel! (not rated)  9/26/2014

Arcanika - Restore a magical world! (not rated)  9/24/2014

Campo Kickers - A soccer game with a twist! (not rated)  9/22/2014

Moonstars - Survive on a foreign planet! (not rated)  9/22/2014

Klondike - Build, farm, and explore in the wilderness!    9/19/2014

Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls - Free the trapped souls! (not rated)  9/18/2014

Silent Scream II: The Bride - Help Jessica find her husband! (not rated)  9/18/2014

Go Home Block 2 - Explode your way through each level!    7/22/2014

Flying Talisman - Use your talismans to defeat the vampires! (not rated)  7/19/2014

Mr. Bean Makeover - Give the hilarious Mr. Bean a makeover!    7/18/2014

Zoe Nail Salon - Make your own manicure designs and more!    7/18/2014

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